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Ocelot Kitten

Category : Ocelot Kitten, Exotic Kittens

Name : Ocelot Kitten

Price : $800.00

Description : We would like to draw your attention to the fact that ocelots are peculiar animals as pets and may not be suitable for everyone! We do not sell them for living in apartments, as well as to families with children and other pets. The existence of enclosure at the buyer's home is the condition necessary for us to the sale the ocelot. The ocelot must live in the open-air cage! Moreover, you always have to be careful and focused with the ocelot. During the games that are generally quite hard, it can bite or claw you very seriously. Still, a caracal or a serval will be more suitable for your family pet. They really are domesticated and remarkably tender pets! For availability, reservation and purchase of an ocelot kitten from future litters, please contact

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